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"If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation...The old has gone, the new has come." II Corinthians 5:17

Stephen's House is a re-entry ministry for men; typically those that are coming out of prison. We know that through Christ, there is hope, help for hurting people, and freedom from addiction. The purpose of re-entry is to assist men in making the transition from a highly disciplined environment, in which they had little control, back into a community, where they will be required to discipline themselves. Men are individually discipled and taught how to develop new patterns of thinking and healthy ways to respond to the trials of real life.

This process is accomplished through a variety of methods. It includes:

  • working a full-time job outside of Stephen's House;
  • consistent involvement in church;
  • learning the principals of financial integrity; and
  • taking personal responsibility.


Residents will stay a minimum of six months to one year. The staff and leadership will make that determination on an individual basis. All applications will be considered. Approval is based upon availability and the determination that it is a suitable placement. See application for further detail.


When First Assembly was preparing to build a new facility, Pastor Jeff met with a man who was considering donating a piece of land for the building. This man's son, Stephen, had died of acute alcoholism. He told Pastor Jeff that if "just one person was helped and did not have to suffer as his son had, that the donation would be worth every penny". That property is now the home of Yankton First Assembly of God.

And the vision to help men like Stephen became a reality when Stephen's House opened in January of 2005. In June 2009, Stephen's House relocated to a larger facility and, after extensive remodeling, is equipped to house up to ten men at a time.

How Can I Help?

If you are interested in helping support the ministry of Stephen's House, either through a financial gift, item donation, or service support, please contact our office.



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